VICTORIA MABELLE: rebel in the land of the gods

Hello Star, I begin by asking you how and when the passion for acting was born in you?

There were different moments at which I felt a tickle growing towards acting, but I think when I did my 2nd Fashion Film with Olof wessels back in march 2018 which started out as an experiment without any expectations, I just loved how it came out. Although I still didn’t saw myself as an actress, it was when an Italian guy in the filmindustry approached me online that saw that video and insisted that I pursued an Carreer in acting.

Artistically, who is your inspiration?

Hmm,,thats a difficult question! I must say I love everything that was made in the 19th century better than what’s made today, the 60’s Marylin monroe the 80’s Grace Jones and 90s Supermodels era with Naomi Campbell inspired me very much at a subconcious level. I find myself producing stuff that I later find out has a lot of 19s century influences, so I guess I am owning that one!

What does “(Artie Shaw-Stardust)” represent to you, a film that marked your film debut and how you were involved in this project?

 Well I believe in a thing called “Divine Timing”… I used to live in Belgium for approximatley 4 years before I moved back to Amsterdam where I live now.

Before I moved back I came in contact with an artistic couple of which one,Andre Decrock, turned out to have a background in filmmaking. Eventhough he wanted to orientate in photography I wanted to orientate in Film and acting so we decided to blend it all together and we created a photoserie along with a film, that’s how “Lolita”came together. To me it means the blending of new school and old school.

How did you get into acting? Was there something or someone that pushed you to this world?

I been modelling for almost 8 years now and I felt like I needed a new challenge, I also didn’t felt the need no more to entertain all the behind the scenes shenanigans of the modelling industry.


when is social media important for an actor?

I think is important to profile yourself and to come in contact with people from all over the world that you wouldn’t be able to reach otherwise

is there a movie you’re particularly fond of?

I love a lot of movies, but as a kid I bought the movie “HONEY” with jessica alba. It taught me as a little girl to dare to dream big and to believe you can achieve anything you want.


a role you would like to play?

anything not stereotyped for my liking, I like controversial

How would you describe yourself with 3 words?

Unique, Rebel, Balanced

projects for the future?

I filmed some interesting stuff and I can’t wait to show you all!