Svetlana Malkova: it is simply beautiful

Svetlana Malkova

What are the colors you wear most?

I love white, gray and blue.

What is your fashion icon or source of inspiration?

My source of inspiration are smart, kind, athletic, stylish and well-groomed women

What feelings did you feel during your first photo shoot?

I love the Italian style of clothing, it suits me very well during the first photo session I experienced a strong excitement

A frivolous question. What is your favorite outfit?

my favorite outfit fitted dress box

In a world always + social What’s your relationship with instagram?

my relationship with instagram is wonderful, photos I love   

How do you define yourself as a woman and a model?

I define myself as a smart, beautiful, kind woman.   As a model I define myself as a feminine and sexy model.

What importance do you have from social networks?

Social networks for me are a way of communication, as well as a way to get interesting and useful information

What do you like and do not like about fashion?

In fashion, I like everything that is beautiful for anyone. All that is not suitable for a person, of course I do not like

Is there a photographer you would like to work with?

I’d like to work with photographer Patrick Demarchelier.

Models and Photomodels: how important is the physical aspect and how much is the character for success in this work?

In the work of the model and the model is very important physical aspect

Remaining in the fashion industry what are your plans for the future?

Plans for the future to keep yourself mentally and physically fit on top. Make as many more photo and video projects.

Last question the meaning of life?

Each person has his own meaning of life. For me the meaning of life is LOVE!

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